Testimonials and Client Commendations

“If you have faith in yourself and your own ability and you also believe the messages from the readings, things start to unfold a lot quicker than the 20 months we set aside for things to happen…..MG”


Pravina 082 926 3767 - (2019)
Presha 084 729 4481 - (2019)
Shannel 081 578 7090 - (2019)
Shannel 081 578 7090 - (2019)
Shannel 081 578 7090 - (2019)


Dear Madam, about 8 weeks ago, being very depressed about being unemployed for the past 26 months and hearing you on Lotus FM, I listened to you giving those that called the radio station happy news and advises. And there I sat feeling down and your program about to end, and my wife said “phone in, you may just be lucky and get a reading”. I did not want to and thought what if I don’t get through, I would be more depressed even more. I picked up the phone and made several calls and low and behold I was the last call you took that evening. You told me that I will be employed within 6 to 8 weeks and that I would also find work in Johannesburg, I am just grateful to God I called you cause I did find work within 6 weeks here in Durban.

Although I still want to work in Johannesburg not being employed for that a long time, I am thankful to find work. Dear Madam, I salute you and thank you, you brought light into my life and your reading was so true, I found this job (although not the greatest but I am grateful it is helping to pay some of my bills and put some food on the table).

Thank you Madam, I hope one day to have a full reading done only by you. I have had readings done by many a prominent people including famous ones from India, none of these were anywhere near correct, but you one question reading was the best and most truthful. A very big thank you.

Sewpaul Baboolal

We have been going to MG for guidance for a while already and she always gives us the energy to carry on and expect the best…

She is usually right, because just at the beginning of this year we were very concerned about whether our daughter, Sanushka, would get into medical school here in South Africa – everything pointed against it and we were preparing to send her to Mauritius to study. MG told us NOT to rush into parting with any money for the Mauritius studies – she insisted that Sanushka would study in SA.

She also insisted that she kept on seeing the “M”- which we off course assumed was Mauritius, but then just in the timeframe given to us by MG MADUNSA offered us a pot for Sanushka- this was completely unexpected!!!! We were saved a lot of unnecessary expenses because we listened to and had faith in what MG had told us.

Rajesh / Nevana – cell number: 0746702564

I went to see MG because I was concerned about my son’s studies and his work prospects. I was feeling really depressed and down about the way things were going….but MG just kept on saying that she sees celebrations in my home, and that I would be very happy very soon. I just couldn’t understand what she was talking about…However my son who was also with me said he knew what MG was trying to explain and that if you think positively -positive things happen in your life….She actually did a free reading for him just to confirm if the same good celebratory messages came through ,and they did….Well I left her feeling a lot better… The best thing was that we didn’t have to wait long for the celebration because the VERY NEXT day we got the news that my son passed his course SUMMA CUM LAUDE.

Rita – cell number: 0314649314 / 0827027169
MG told me I would buy my own house, travel overseas, and get promoted even before I knew and it happened within 4 months.

Jayshree – 084-925-0044

I was unemployed, consulted MG and got a call for an interview just 3 hours later.

Mervyn – 083-577-7270

I went to see MG and asked her for some luck with the lotto-she explained that she can’t give Lotto numbers, but she can ive me numbers that would be lucky for me. She gave me 4 sets of 6 numbers and I played them and won I played for R3.50 and won R26.00 in the first week. After that I won some money for 3 weeks in a row!!!!

Sbo-Trolley Boy at the Phoenix Plaza – 0788636343

I went to see MG but because MG was unavailable I saw Neha instead-and had one of the best readings ever!!! She was able to advise on and clarify some very deep motional issues I was struggling with. I took her advice and within the same week my life started taking a turn for the better. I now count Neha as a friend because of all the help she gave me…and continues to give me, because she is always willing to help when you call her.

Kashmita – Singh@yahoo.com

I was told by many doctors that I could never have a baby – MG disagreed and said I would fall pregnant within the year. 3 months later I was indeed pregnant.

Sasha – 082-410-3860

MG told me things would happen and they did right down to the exact date & Month.

Shereen Dhanraj – 031-404-0124

I’ve been going to, MG, since I’ve been 10 years old. I am now 16 years old and she has guided me through school and helped me to make my career choices.

074-932-1421 or 074-651-7133

I suffer from depression and just talking to MG has inspired me and made me happy. I didn’t even have to listen to what she said, just her voice and bubbly, positive attitude made me feel better.

Tracy Naidoo – shamdevi.n@yahoo.com

Rosemary Gopichund – Saw her at the, Divali Festival 06/11/2011, told her to enter competition because she would win and within 30 minutes she came back to tell me she had won a trip to India. She also came to see me at the Phoenix Plaza, 13/05/2012 to advise that other predictions had started coming true, e.g. the moving of house etc.

074-893-7929 or 084-277-2779

MG with a happy - Rosemary Gopichund - (see above)

I called MG on Lotus FM, when she was live on air, and within 2 minutes she told me I would have a baby in the next year. I didn’t believe her because I had been trying to have a baby for 9 years already. Yet, before the year was out I was pregnant and now havea beautiful son. Thank you, MG, because you gave me hope.

Salora Murugan – 083-517-4514 – saloramurugan@yahoo.com

I had heard from several people that if you want to have a baby, MG, is the person to go see. She has a special gift to make it happen. I was 35 years old, had had several miscarriages and, MG, told me that I would have my son before the year 2005 was out, and she was exactly right. There were times when I was very depressed and ready togive up but, MG, counseled me until my dreams were realized.

Rebecca Pillay – 031-262-0448

MG with Local DJ - Zakia Ahmed (above picture)

I don’t like Fortune Telling, and was at the Stanger Winter Fair when I walked past MG’s stand. MG was busy with a client but lifted her head, looked at me, and got somebody to call me to her. At first I refused but she insisted, and when I did go to hear what she wanted, she said, “I see you pregnant and with a baby by next year this time”. I didn’t believe her at all because I had been trying to get pregnant for the past 9 years, and had been told by doctors it wasn’t possible…that is until I met MG!!! So, I just laughed at her and walked away. 3 Months later, I realised I was pregnant and my son is now 12 years old, and yes I did have a baby by the next Winter Fair!!!

Iveen Bramdev – 072-470-8040 – ashmeen@nashuaisp.co.za


I saw, MG, on Thursday the 28/06/2012, and she told me I would get a promotion and a study scholarship within the next few months, but the very next day i.e. Friday 9/06/2012, my supervisor called me and gave me that exact news. Everything, MG, said happened within 24 hours.

Roshini Surajnarain – 083-697-0760