A Psychic Counsellor better known as a Fortune Teller or a “Life Coach” is someone who can foretell future events that are likely to happen in your life. If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, be they related to your important relationships or worries regarding your job or well-being, then there’s little doubt a session with MG will provide answers to many of your problems.

A life coach can help you meet your personal and professional goals. They can help you overcome roadblocks that stand in the way of reaching your full potential.

Minaxie Gihwala

Fortune Teller – Minaxie Gihwala, best known as MG (The HAPPY-ness Guru) was a regular guest on ‘Lotus FM’ for 12 years, and still appears occasionally. MG was also a regular guest on the Alan Khan show ‘Walk the Talk’. MG firmly believes to give true insight the therapist has to be psychic and must tap into his/her own intuition to provide the answers that computer programs cannot replace or be a valid substitute for true psychic genius.

How may I help you?

The are times when our problems become overwhelming, leaving us uncertain and confused. It is at times like these that we need a reassuring voice and some solid advice to help us bring peace and closure.

What is A Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who specializes in helping others make behavior changes. These professionals help with a wide variety of issues from relationship problems to career changes. Life coaches are professionally-trained to help you reach your full potential. They help motivate and keep you accountable. A life coach can help you identify and get past roadblocks that keep you from achieving your goals.

Woman of Wonder

“I was awarded the WOMAN OF WONDER award at a gala event at the Sibaya Izulu Theatre on the 17 August 2019, in recognition of my work in counselling and guiding my clients very successfully through their darkest and most difficult emotional, mental and spiritual times.”