Fortune Teller - MG (The HAPPY-ness Guru)
was a regular guest on 'Lotus FM' for 12 years, and still appears occasionally.

MG can be heard on the Alan Khan show 'Walk the Talk' as a regular guest, the first Wednesday evening between 7-8 pm of every month.

MG Voted best psychic on Lotus FM
MG Voted Queen of psychics at the Sun Coast psychic fair 2009

Fortune teller - MG - regular guest of Lotus FM
MG Voted best psychic on Lotus FM
MG Voted Queen of psychics at the Sun Coast psychic fair 2009

MG (The HAPPY-ness Guru) Practiced Law for several years and gave it up as from 1998, to do psychic counselling, because the psychic awareness became ever present and overpowering.

"When you are ready and willing to step up and out of your comfort zone to do what you believe is right, then you have found your true calling". - MG psychic Counsellor.

I firmly believe to give true insight the therapist has to be psychic and must tap into his/her own intuition to provide the answers computer programs cannot replace or be a valid substitute for true psychic genius.

I have also been a regular guest on other Radio stations.

I have had several articles printed and have had a regular psychic column in a local newspaper.

Expertly Trained and Naturally Talented in:


Tarot Card Reading
Timeline - exact dates & times that events will happen
Psychic Readings - combined with life coaching

Runes (Bones) Reading
Specialising in the Love Tarot
- Is he the right one
- Does he love me
- When will I meet him

Personal Readings
Telephonic Readings

Graphology (Handwriting analysis - unlock the personality)
Past life Regression - tell you about your previous lives and
why you have the problems you have now

Introduce you to your Guardian Angel - Who is it?
What is the message from your Angel?


Realigning Chakras - Chakra balancing
Distant Healing
Create the right energies in your home - get rid of anything negative


Dream Interpretations
Stress / Depression Counselling
Marriage Counseling

Crossing over to the departed/loved ones

Thought Bending:

Teaching you how to get people to think the way you want them to, and to respond to you the way you want them to, e.g. in a boardmeeting, job interview, an oral examination etc.

Stockist of all Feng Shui goods

MG will answer all your questions and sort out your problems